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 NBQ Magazine Digital Only - $15.00

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 NBQ Magazine Digital Only - $15.00

NewBeing Queen Magazine


Newbeing Queen Magazine was created to help and encourage girls and women to be their unapologetic selves. This magazine is meant to empower and educate people to improve their daily lives. We strive for our audience to be humble, bold, and confident Women of God. 

Our focus brings forward content and stories that we all face and can relate to. Those being relationships, mental health, beauty, lifestyle and fashion. That’s not even scratching the surface of what we have in store. 

They will learn how to walk uprightly as they embrace their Queenly authority on this Earth. Anyone who reads this magazine will learn to embrace new dreams, new paths, new people and a new beginnings! 

We hope you enjoy this magazine by having fun, learning, and conquering this journey to a new life with us!

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