About the Editor
and Chief

Yolanda Mitchell, is the CEO and Founder of Newbeing Queen Magazine, Newbeing Queen Movement, and Newbeing Queen LLC (Shapewear). For as long as she could remember having a passion to help and empower women. She found herself in ministry for over 15 years, struggling to provide herself with the information she needed. Like so many women out there, she was having a difficult time navigating through this thing called life. She sought out outside help which happened to be the best thing for her. Receiving this help lead her to start The Newbeing Queen Movement (Women’s Empowerment Non profit Organization).

Now she has branched out and started N.B.Q. Magazine to give women hope and the exposure they would not have received through social media. N.B.Q. Magazine will feature phenomenal Queens around the globe that are looking to network and meet other queens. Queen welcome to starting an entirely new chapter in life.