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'We See You Queen'

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Good Morning Queen, Good afternoon and Good Night Yes I'm talking to you!

We changed your name because you changed the game after all that you've been through.

It was hard and yes, you passed every test. I know it wasn't easy, and it wasn't supposed to be.

So go ahead and ask why?

And I'm not going to lie

You endured the storms of life

You stayed in the fight until the end

And that's why YOU WIN!

Stop and look in the mirror and see why they call you Blessed

You still have scars, but Victory is written on your Chest

You made it out safe and now you can help others,

to realize who they are, not only the Sisters

but also the Brothers

Go ahead and Push until every barrier comes down, the enemy can't stop you, yup turn his smile into a frown.

Queen arise and come forth

And let the world know your name

After all the hurt, tears and pain

You deserve it oh yes you do

I did and You do Too!

Love You Queen

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