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Queen Inspiration and Empowerment

Thinking about the two words, “Queen” and “Empowerment,”

Antoinette Boone

Thinking about the two words, “Queen” and “Empowerment,” brought me back to the time when I wanted to become a business owner and allowed fear to keep me from moving forward. Working with the developmentally and intellectual disabled community, I saw a need that I would be able to fulfill. Speaking with a representative from the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities, I was informed that in order for me to provide services to this community I would need to have a degree within this field, regardless of the many years of experience I may have. That was in 2007 and the fear that enveloped me, kept me from moving forward. It wasn’t until March 2010 (52 ½ years old) , that I finally decided to become a student again and for 7 years straight, I achieved the following: Associates of Applied Science in Human Services, November 2011; Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Welfare, October 2013 (both from Kaplan University which is now Purdue University Global) and Master of Arts – Developmental Disabilities, May 2017 from Niagara University (59 ½ years old).

As a “Queen” I recognized what I possessed and began to break up the concrete that was keeping me from achieving my goal. In the game of chess “The Queen” is the most powerful piece that each player possesses, and she has the ability to move about freely, or according to the dictionary, a “Queen” is a woman who rules a country or a kingdom. Look at the power and authority we possess as Women. We have been given the assignment of raising up nations, sons and daughters, Kings and Queens, building strong foundations without having any knowledge on how to do it, but moving about with the function from God, knowing what needs to be done to complete the task. We must walk in the manner of one with authority – possessing the ability to be game changers. Are we without error? By no means but knowing what needs to be done comes with errors, teachable moments, gained wisdom and a history that has marred and brought forth many leaders……this information is to be passed down from generation to generation. We are a great people – a strong nation that has the ability to lead and provide for its people.

This is written as an inspiration not only to the seniors 50 and above, but to the young who are strong and possess the strength to dredge forward – ready to make their mark on the world. There isn’t anything that you can’t do Queen! Your ability to survive has given you permission to bring your dream to life. Your life is a testament of one who has come through many trials and tribulations to be the Ruler you are. Your home represents the character you possess in teaching, building a foundation and leading a nation. Your apparel, walk and talk speak volumes to all who will listen.

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