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My Motto: "JESUS CHRIST is not valued at all until He's valued ABOVE all."

My Story

My Journey to Now. I am Virginia Perry-Alexander, a follower, teacher, and preacher of Jesus Christ. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, Ordained Pastor/Minister through the International Congress of Churches & Ministries (ICCM), published author, motivational speaker, and a professional certified life coach. I am also the Founder and Senior Pastor of The All Sum’ness of God Christian Church (ASGCC) and the CEO of Virtuous, Pure, Autonomous (VPA) Ministries, LLC. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a MBA and I have taken many courses in Theology.

I am a dedicated woman of God with compassion, love, and mercy for God’s people. I am a “women of noble character”, great strength, courage, and wisdom (Proverb 31:28).

Christian women face many challenges in today’s world and no one understands this better than a fellow Christian sister, like myself, who have gone through many of their same experiences and overcame them all with the help of Jesus. I was abandoned by my mother, became a mother myself at the young age of sixteen, my father was brutally murdered when I was seven, and I was sexually molested my mother’s boyfriend, whom she later married when I was eleven.

Over the years, through God’s amazing grace and love I have learned to overcome the guilt, shame, and disgust of these traumatic times in my life. From childhood trauma to navigating the dating scene as a Christian women with standards and values, my life has not been tranquil. After my divorce and deciding to date again, men rejected me repeatedly because I refuse to compromise my standards and values by not committing to have sex with them.

This required me to have faith and trust in God’s ultimate plans for me. I believe that through my dating experiences, God has given me a unique gift and wisdom to teach and help other Christian women who are and have gone through similar experiences to overcome and win in the difficult undertaking of dating in today’s over sexualized world, thus VPA Ministries was born.

My primary motivation for ordaining this ministry and writing my memoir is to empower millions, yes millions of single Christian, God-fearing woman around the world to value herself and protect their virtue, purity, and autonomy at all cost. I want them to have God/self-confidence, self-worth, emotional wholeness, strength and clarity. I want women to personify Christ by dating differently than the women of world and not defy their Holy Temple (their bodies) by abstaining from every type of sexual sin/immorality. It is my desire to see every Christian women “date by faith, not by sight (emotions)”.

I, thereby, endeavor to use my ministry, experience, and wisdom to lead Christian women through areas of fulfillment that includes dating God’s way, handling relationship issues successfully, setting and keeping personal standards and values.

I aspire to make women free from matters of guilt, fear, worries, loneliness, and all the things that steal their peace. My ministry is working to provide a favorable outcome that encourages relationships and build genuine trust by sharing my life experience, the gospel of Jesus Christ, Christ-centered resources and ongoing support in the areas of Godly standards such as virtue, purity, and autonomy.

Lastly, I want to empower these women to; then reach back, down, and out to use their lessons learned, hurts, disappoints and gifts to help other women grow in their faith and fulfil God’s purpose in their lives as well.

Always Working In His Service,

Pastor Virginia Perry-Alexander,

CEO VPA Ministries, LLC

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