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Tamika Blythers - "Mindset Moment Circus"

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the greatest show on earth!!!! Introducing the most wonderful women you’ve ever seen! They are jugglers, organizers, multi-taskers, planners, facilitators, and promoters. Welcome to the “Ring of life”! Que the spotlight please...Hello, is anyone there? Where are they? Maybe for a while now, this has been your indirect and diluted introduction. As you awake daily, life’s exhaustion has crept up on you like asphyxiating carbon monoxide. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless cocktail devastatingly knocked you off your balance. You’re taking care of everyone else, but who’s taking care of you? There are times when you have to provide boundaries. Do you really know the difference between attachments and connections? A leech is an attachment solely seeking a host to literally extract the life out of the living. Its’ main goal is to invade. A connection is a work of cooperation. Think about a cell phone being paired or connected to a Bluetooth. It is a mutual connection.

Self-Care…. The New “Superpower”

Women have so much to balance in life by sheer default. It’s mind-blowing as to how the mark of a “good woman” has been equated to undying, limitless sacrificing. You battle through brokenness while exercising selflessness, almost by having marty-like manners and mentalities. You step into gaps for the sake of the love and wellbeing of family and friends. Women are constantly transforming and transitioning to keep up with the demands of life. How much longer can you attempt to project & maintain this “Superwoman” image to your families, careers, businesses, and all other aspects of our lives? Self-care is not weakness, but strength enhancing. Most importantly, you can support and sustain your life’s equilibrium through a self-care regimen by using 9 points that impacts every area of your life. It also provides realignment in a practical manner by refocusing and equipping. The points of impact are: vision, voice, value, options, opportunities, obsessions, word, wisdom, and worship. Embedded in the 9 Points of Impact are 3 important goals:

Enlightenment to awaken & sharpen your insight

Empowered to take action & be proactive

Encouraged to keep moving forward & be progressive

Women possess a powerful, dualistic multiplicity, however maintain a strong state of balance through self-care. When practicing self-care, consider the safety guidelines of the airlines: “In case of an emergency, secure your oxygen first in order to be able to assist others.”Once you truly get a revelation about how vital it is for you to breathe, then self-care will become your new normal.

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