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Prophetess L. Anna

My name is Jenelle Simpson! I am a Senior Law Clerk, Motivational Speaker, Life and Transformational Coach, Board Member of “The Village Children Organization”, Amazon Best Seller Author and Real Estate Agent (in the making).

I have always loved writing ever since I was young, I used to write poems and songs…. writing has always been an escape for me, I would just space out and let my thoughts flow through my pen onto paper. I used to love doing tests/exams that were long questions or writing an essay on something.

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be an author (despite my own self not believing I could do it). I knew I was going to do something that would make permanent noise for many generations to come, but I’ve always been shy and covered myself in my protective shell. My dream was to become a successful Lawyer, but after working for years with Lawyers and within the legal world, I realized that my purpose was greater, and I became content not wanting to follow that path anymore.

I hope this book will teach you how to unlearn instilled toxic generational cycles. And relearn how to move to the levels of elevation.

“I wasn’t born into a wealthy family, money was kind of tight growing up and my parents did the best they could, but their circumstances didn’t mean I wouldn’t have a success story. My upbringing gave me the appetite to want greater and determination to change things, not blame my parents.”

Choose to make a change, not play the role of finger pointing and passing blame.


I started manifesting my first book 9 ½ years ago. I was sitting at my computer table; I had just clicked on the internet button to go do some research when the browser opened to my partner’s Facebook page. The Facebook page opened to a message he had sent to his cousin discussing the possibility of him having another child in a different country, Jamaica and expressing that he wasn’t sure, and the “women” appeared to be lying. I literally had no emotion other than feeling confused and disappointed, but in the midst of the different emotions, I heard a voice “Commitment To A Deceitful Liar.” I heard a voice say, this book is a seed, do not let this seed die, stay focused and that was going to be the title of my book. I was committed to so many things in life: work, friends, family, pain, regrets, relationships, secrets, and none of those things added value, love, or truth to my life. I was never committed to myself; I was committed more to things I was taught as a child.

The book is very layered, and some parts are in Jamaican Patois to emphasize, add the island spice and bring the Jamaican culture to light. The book gives a visual of how West Indian and different cultures deal with different things.

It's non-fiction. I struggled for a bit with being honest because my old self was worried about what people would say and think if I did a non-fiction book, but my new self knows that the raw truth is what speaks to people and will help them through their growing and healing process. We don't have to take the same route to get to the same places, but my truthful journey can surely help. I’m not a person that invests my energy or time into people’s opinion, but I will extend and invest all my energy into helping people manifest, heal and plant generational seeds.

The book is about a variety of things from personal experiences such as, rape/sexual abuse (the elephant in the room that everyone tries to avoid and/or does not know how to respond to), the dynamics of being raised in a West Indian home and their beliefs/myths. The difference between the foreign and island culture/lifestyle, life of being a drug dealer and stripper, abuse, forgiveness, healing, escaping repeated generational cycles and entering the process of change. Being open and unafraid to speak about topics that people don’t want to discuss, marriage, toxic relations, unwanted generational cycles passed down and not knowing how to break free from them, relationship patterns, success and the perception of what life will be when we grow into adulthood but realizing that we are fed with lies at such a young age and carry those same lies all the way into adulthood. Why do we rush to be adults, instead of enjoying the innocence of childhood and forget to just breath and enjoy our youth? Why are we forced to grow up fast, instead of enjoying our childhood and what comes with it?

So, the name " Commitment To A Deceitful Liar" represents layered topics such as deceitful lies through life and people, unraveling the lies and unlearning them in order to get to our own truth. How do we create our own walk-through life and not in the eyes of others?

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