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N.B.Q. Magazine Exclusive Interview Melanie Durant

Canadian R&B singer Melanie Durrant releases the brand-new video for her single “O ne In A Million”.

Melanie expresses the passion behind the Fresh off her hit single “Bait & Switch”.

Yolanda- The [song “One in a Million”] where you talked about a Narcissist, I would like for you to go into detail about that song, and the purpose of you actually writing that song, because this is going to bless some people.

Melanie- Basically, with “One in a Million” it’s coming from a damaged place. When you speak about Narcissistic abuse/Narcissistic personality disorder they don’t appreciate anything you do. But, it starts off where everything you do is amazing. You know, it’s actually called “love bombing”, they just focus on you. A narcissist will listen to you and try to figure out how to approach you, your likes, your personal secrets, you know, how to get closer to you in your mind and your heart. Then there’s the discard, devalue is first. They start talking to you bad, you can’t do anything right. You can do a million favors and a million things for this person and they’ll turn around and say “well what about the next thing. You didn’t do this one thing”. Then it’s like “are you crazy”? Then there’s the discard, where you aren’t important anymore and they move on to their next victim. Then you’re left like “what did i do”? “What did I do wrong”? Meanwhile, you didn’t do anything. This person has problems. You know what, narcissistic personality disorder is the only personality disorder that sends the other person to therapy and not the other way around. The narcissist will not go to therapy, they’ll find a reason to prove the therapist wrong and discredit them and find a way to throw a temper tantrum and leave. You still get no answers, no basically you’ll never get any answers, it’s not your problem and the easiest way to escape a narcissist is to go no-contact. No contact, and it could be your mother, your father, your brother, your uncle, etc. It’s all different kinds of people. Manipulation is how they get what they want from you. They try to make you feel like it’s your ideal or whatever, but no it’s their idea and they plant little seeds, you know, they basically get their way eventually. If you let them. If you’re awake. They target people pleasers. So, if you’re a people pleaser, look out. More than likely, there is a narcissist in your life. The thing is sometimes it can be your mother, father, whatever, so you’re already a people pleaser, so now you see this energy, that you recognize in whatever person this is, you feel drawn to them and that is the trap. This energy feels familiar but it’s toxic. So, it’s a very dangerous cycle, for your independence and your happiness.

Yolanda- They use this manipulation game and you look at yourself like “What did I do wrong”?

Melanie- We tend to look to ourselves for accountability, what did I do? If you’re not a narcissist. Because if you’re a narcissist, everything is the other person’s fault.

Yolanda- What is your nickname?

Melanie- Mello

Melanie- I worked very hard on this album. There were more songs on this album originally, but I had to cut them because, it was like I turned into the ‘Mean Girls’, like you can’t sit with us. They just weren’t up to par with the vibe of the other ones. Like these nine songs, even though it’s like ‘it nine songs’, it was going to be 12. It just felt right. I always wanted an album that you could listen to from top to bottom and not skip anything. No fillers. Just take you on an emotional journey. I feel so proud because I feel like I accomplished that with this album.\

Yolanda- This is the most hands on I have been on any album. With the COVID restrictions, limiting the amount of people that could be anywhere. So I had to be 3,4,5 people by myself. I enjoyed it, the imagery, the writing treatments. Trying to describe what the song is about, what I'm going for with the messages. How to display this message and get it across to people. So I love all the things you said because it’s just telling me and confirming to me that I did a good job and I really really appreciate that. It’s my art, and as Erykah Badu said “I’m an artist and I'm sensitive about my stuff”. So thank you so much for that.

Yolanda- If you were to collaborate with anyone, who would you like to collaborate with? Dead or Alive.

Melanie- Michael Jackson, I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson because of the detail he puts into his music. He was really into building percussion through beatboxing and stuff like that. Just the little nuances with the vocals, filling and just the way it came across and the way it made you feel. Prince was a musical genius also and the way their music made you feel. I think good music makes you feel something. Happy, sad, something. There’s only two genres of music in my opinion. There’s good and there’s bad and that’s at. Currently living, I would choose Bruno Mars. I feel like we have a similar background because, well, my mom and I do a show - Tina Turner and Donna Summer, Diana Ross and The Supremes just to start off. We do casinos, corporate parties, we’ve traveled to Japan and Australia. We do a lot of work in Detroit, Motor City. So I found out Bruno Mars used to be an Elvis impersonator when he was a little boy so I felt like I could relate to him. I love the way he moves from instrument to instrument. It just shows how talented he is. His stage presence, the way he gives the face, it’s just you’re in the moment. He is so great, it’s not contrived, it’s not forced on us. It’s just so catchy and it sticks with you.

Yolanda- Is there anything you would like to say before I let you go?

Melanie- You can find me at My album is available on all major streaming platforms. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, you can find me on Spotify and there’s music videos available on YouTube.

(Toronto, ON) – Fresh off her hit single “Bait & Switch” Award-winning, Canadian R&B singer Melanie Durrant releases the brand-new video for her single “One In A Million”. The singer enlisted her long-time collaborator Byram 'Beatchild' Joseph to direct the video. The two had previously worked together when they co-directed the video for Durrant’s 2014 Juno-nominated single "Gone". Produced by MoJointz & Ced Solo, the song is reminiscent of a vintage hip-hop throwback blended with smooth boom-bap drum patterns, an infectious horn riff, and topped with DJ cuts courtesy of DJ Grouch.

“One In A Million” can be found on Durrant’s recently released album Where I’m At. The album peaked at #9 on the Canadian iTunes R&B Chart, earned the #1 spot on Ryerson radio in Toronto, and has gained positive attention from various platforms and tastemakers across the media landscape

Listen to “One In A Million”

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