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Spoken Word Artist/Author

Written by: Earnestine L. Smith

HAPPY I am HAPPY that I am now able to smile. I am HAPPY that I am now genuinely HAPPY and not consumed by sin. I am HAPPY living life without limitations. I am HAPPY that I am now able to receive honor from others without hesitation. I am HAPPY because I now walk in confidence, and exemplify true love inside and out. I am HAPPY that I no longer live in fear or doubt. I am HAPPY and feel beautiful, and I expect to be treated like a queen. I am HAPPY to finally be loved and cherished by my dedicated king. I am HAPPY to know who I am and to know the power that I have! I am HAPPY to spread the Gospel and heal the sick in Jesus name! My desire and my longing to be HAPPY has been fulfilled because GOD has helped me find true HAPPINESS within me! Written by: Earnestine L. Smith Spoken Word Artist/Author "Bound by Love"/"Freed by Love" -Available on Amazon-

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