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CEO / Women In Ministry Empowering People

Today, we have many CEO/Women in POWERFUL Ministries with integrity and strong tenacity to push that very vision in her peripheral vision outside the fixation of her surroundings.To make a difference in the lives of many people world wide; if not just in the region of their inhabitant. Keeping in mind that this was not a fly by night thing that just fell into their laps. No,this took time, effort and pushing hard. More challenging than they even imagined.They would have to push to be the CEO - Empowered Women in Ministry with great class and dignity about herself to achieve the inevitable,why? It has always been a divine purpose for her. That was unavoidable no matter what road she took in her life. However, she’s still focusing on that vision right in front of her. Handling her task at hand;women in the Ministry are POWERFUL worldwide. Assigned, mind blowing challenges from GOD. To carry out dealing with many personalities of people that they must deal with. Maintaining a positive attitude, praying, ministering to people. Stretching themselves to a place of compassion, empathy and being that right now intercessor. She reminds them to pray, trust, have faith and seek our heavenly Father for guidance; no matter what may come to distract them.From holding on to GOD's unchanging hand, which has its rewarding attributes. You are WOMEN that have been Endowed with POWER to represent strength and miraculous structure. Building up an empire, showing people that they can be more. Keep teaching and leading people to break into that entrepreneur mindset. That was lying dormant deep down on the inside of them for so long. You were born to lead a generation out of poverty into the promised land, created and designed with great purpose. Your mission is to succeed and then lead others into their wealthy place. “But first and foremost, they must take a leap of FAITH as you did. Believing that you could achieve all that was filtered within you, to be birthed out of you which transformed your life. Keep SOARING to higher heights and deeper depths. No one truly knows the sacrifices you made to get where you are today except, who you wanted to know. About the struggles that took place along the way, tears you shed when no one was around you; because GOD was stretching you out of your norm. Into a place called victory and triumph. They don’t know how many times you said, “I can’t do this! I’m done trying, maybe this isn’t for me.” Many restless nights you endured trying to figure out this thing called, “I will make it.” You are a HERO in the lives of many that you have encountered. Stay above the water, allow the current to pull you through.CEO POWERFUL WOMEN in Ministry, you all are PHENOMENAL & AMAZING. YOU ALL ROCK!

Article By: Pastor Prophetess S. Early Paris - Vickers

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